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Thanks Patsy
I apologize for e-Mail But I misplaced your mailing addresses and some
I never had.

Anyway I wish each of and your families & loved ones
a wonderful and blessed Christmas filled with love of family & Friends.
And in the coming New Year all the Health and Happiness
you deserve.

I have many memories of each of you and in all cases more positive
than negative.

We touched one another's lives either in friendship or friendliness. I
want each of you to know I consider myself blessed by whatever
influence you may have had on my life.

All of you should be proud of your accomplishments and how you
managed your lives based on the goals or dreams you set for

I know in my heart I have accomplished certain things and owe it all to
Ascension discipline, Bro. Gabriel, our parents in one way or another
and the neighborhood we all grew up in.

The fact that we managed after all these years to stay in touch
says it all. I only wish we had more of our classmates involved.
I suggest we take a few minutes out this Christmas to remember
those who are no longer with us, especially Bro. Gabriel.

May each of you have a blessed, happy and most of healthy NEW

I thank God we can still share!

PS if I overlooked anyone I am truly sorry.
(at my age I'm lucky I can do this)

James N. De Berry '54 []
Thank you Jim!