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March 26th
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I just received a call from Steve Kilcooley '64 and he has a terrific
idea.  Steve's email address is

His suggestion is to have an Old Timers Day at the Booker T
Washington middle school field at 107-108th between Amst. &
Columbus that would include family, both young and old (grandkids
included) for a ball game.
Here is the Map

His idea is to get us all together for a fun couple of hours and then
perhaps either go back to Ascension (if possible) or go to the old
Cannons Pub.

Steve has already contacted the 24th Police Station about a permit.
A regular permit may run $25.00 and he was told to get in touch
with the Parks Department.
There may be more red tape connected due to the fact it is a school.

The date that we have decided is,
September 19, 2015 say about 1:00pm.

I put it on Ascension Alumni (facebook).
What do you think,
I need feedback!