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As a member of the Ascension School honor class of 1955, I had a wonderful time at the Ascension Reunion!  Those of us who went on the school tour werevery impressed with our student guides.  They were so helpful and composed. They acted under the direction of the principal Fr. McCaughley in a quiet and efficient way.  It was wonderful to observe.  We were all impressed with the level of education these students were receiving.  There were papers posted on subjects such as Siamese Twins, and cloning. There were computer labs and lots of color everywhere.  I was also impressed that the number of students increased from about 200 plus last year to about 300 this year.While this is fewer than when I attended, in an era of declining enrollment and closure of Catholic schools, this is quite an achievement.

The Mass was one of the nicest I have attended in a long time.  The altar was smaller than I remembered but that may have been because the murals behind that altar had been painted over and are now being restored. I am also impressed that in this time of church closures, Ascension has been able to work on restoration and has put on a new roof.  It is slate and should last 100 years!  I must say that I was truly amazed by the power of the church organ. As a child I took it for granted, but many newer churches do not have such a wonderful instrument.

The reunion afterwards was so much fun!  It was a great pleasure to reconnect with the three other 1955 graduates, Maureen, Kay and Jim, and to meet Jim¹s wife Pat!  I had been communicating with Jim Brennan about the reunion, but we had never attended classes together at Ascension.  To be serenaded by mariachi¹s as we entered the hall was great!  The music was happy and welcoming and reminded me of our great immigrant heritage.  In my day such a gathering might have been greeted by Irish music and in fact Ed
McClain reminded us of that with a heart warming rendition of Danny Boy which stopped everyone in mid-sentence. The food which was donated by an Ascension grad, owner of Mama Mexico, was plentiful and delicious.  So good in fact, that my cousin and I had lunch at Mama Mexico on East 49 Street (one of three locations) several days later ­ the best guacamole!

I had encouraged my sister, Class of 1960, and my cousin, who did not attend Ascension but who had lived in the neighborhood, to attend.  Like me they both really enjoyed everything:   meeting the students, the school tour, the Mass, the dinner, dancing and socializing.  My family had moved to California in 1960, so I talked to as many people as possible, having been away all those years.  My cousin asked me if I was running for office! The icing on the cake was that my classmate Maureen Caulfield, pulled my name in
the raffle!  I could hardly believe it!

I would like to say in closing that I am most thankful and appreciative of all that Fr. Duffell and Fr. McCaughley have accomplished at Ascension Church and School.  In addition, my thanks and congratulations to the Alumni Board for their hard work and support of Ascension.   I look forward to attending another reunion.  I hope more 1955 grads and other alums will be able to attend in the future.

When I tell friends that I attended my grammar school reunion they say,

“I have never heard of a grammar school reunion.”!

Loretta Reilly Smith ‘55



Jim Brennen ‘55


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