Editors note:

You should print out this page and then look at the ’47 Class Picture in the grad pics.

I went back to this picture and I am going to try and identify each person by position in the picture.


First row from the left:

 George Murray, Stan Campbell, Peter Mullany, Bernard Lynch, Joseph Rishkowski, Patrick Brennan, Brother Ambrose Micheal, Bishop Barney Donahue, Brother Victor, Joseph Mullen, Bernard McCafferey, Francis Keegan, Thomas Yarrow, John Morales and Vincent Kiernan

 Second row from the left:

 Maurice John O’Connor, William Keating, George Flynn, James Hagan, Eugene Luckie, Daniel Monaghan, Roger Murphy, Donald Mueller, Daniel Jackson, Joseph Cavestani, Vincent Hartnett, William Ryder, Eugene Grey, Paul Berger, Joseph Moon, Hugh Creegan, James Grey

 Third row from the left:

 Martin Keene, Michael Carr, Robert McAlisher, Cornelius Lynch, Daniel Murtha, George O’Neill, John George Mauser, Thomas Donahue, Daniel Curran, Joseph Thompson, Daniel Reynolds, Thomas Foster, John Bergin, Joseph Opferman, Eugene Darby, Donald Kivilehan

 Fourth row from the left:

 Thomas McCormack, Michael Carroll, Daniel Cunningham, Thomas Kerrigan, Edward Plunkett, Thomas Purcell, Joseph Moylan, Michael Thompson, Joseph Brophy, Thomas Felle, Efrem Rodriguez, Clarence Ewing, Patrick Doherty, Thomas Appleyard


I know that I was not present for the class picture because they told us the only thing we were going to do the day of the picture was take the picture.  At the time, I lived up on 178th Street and I thought, I ain’t going all the way down there just to have my picture taken.  As best as I can determine, the only other person not present for the picture was Maurice Urrutia.


I may have some names incorrectly aligned with there pictures, e.g., Eugene and Patrick Gray.  I couldn’t remember Maurice John O’Connor but I remember him as a good looking guy so I figured that was him next to Keating in the second row.  I didn’t have a clear picture in my head of John Bergin because I met a guy Don Bergin in Manhattan College and also ran into him on USS America when I was installing a modification kit in the AN/SPG-55 Radar.  He was a field engineer for Sperry and was doing other work on the same radar.  So, the last guy I could not identify was between Foster and Opferman.  I figured that must be John Bergin.



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I have been searching for as long as i can remember for my ascension graduation photo on the steps of ascension church.


I was cleaning out my library yesterday and discovered the photoalbum under a pile of books.


1.     As one might expect, jimmy hagan is standing on the wrong step so as to draw attention to himself


2.     Look at the sad face of eugene lucky; next to jimmy hagan,  he (lucky) had such a tough life


3.     And hughie creagan watches over all  (does anyone remember when hughie creagan used to climb up inside the clothes closet and look out on the class thru the glass transom at the front of the room  high over the teachers desk?  Hughie used to bite his tongue where he had a piece of tongue flesh that would protrude thru the space of his two front teeth.   I believe, according to tom felle, he spent some time in sing sing.


4.     I remember most of the last names, and almost all of the first names.  Someone of you  had a list of all the names Of both the boys and girls graduation.  Can you dig it out and share it. 


5.     I see gene darby in the picutre standing to the right of kivlehan, third row.  I didn’t realize he graduated with us.


6.     How many in the class were not irish?


7.     What happened to rodriquez, top row, to the right of tom felle. 


8.     You can pick out peter  mullaney, towering over stanley campbell and banny lynch, as the one true future liberal academic intellectual in the class.  I was always so envious of peter because he was so brilliant


9.     I see ? Miller standing directly behind br michael ambrose.  He raised his hand on vocation day, expressing his interest in going to barrytown, and  The brother told him to put his hand down.  Why do i remember all this horseshit?  My head is like a movie camera.  I see a face and a story or series of events unwinds in infinite detail.


10. I thought i was the tallest in the class, because i was 6’1”, but i stand to be corrected, because ? Cunningham, tommy kerrigan, eddie plunket, joe Moylan and tommy felle and clarence ewing have me by an inch or two.  Unless they are standing on their toes


11. Bishop donohue looks young and alert.  I always picture him as a tired old man with saliva running down the wrinkles leading away from his mouth


12. Appreciate any and all thoughts.