My cousin, Bridie O’Byrne has been school tuition secretary in Ascension for over 30 years.  She is now semi-retired (3 days) a week and travels from Rockaway on “A” train and is a loyal employee.

She should be featured in a future issue.   Trudy Trotta

Sincerely, Mary Hennessy Trotta Class  ‘48

Text Box: Born 1 of 10 children, Bridget Regan was born, raised and schooled in Kilbecanty, County Galway, Ireland.
 She left Ireland and came to NY in 1950.
Shortly after, she met Patrick O'Byrne.
They were married in Ascension Church in 1953 on the 4th of July! They set up home in the parish and raised two sons, Ronald and James, who both attended Ascension school.
When her younger son James enrolled early in 1970, 
Bridie decided to volunteer her time as a tuition secretary -- hence began her illustrious career with the Ascension School!
In 1977 Bridie and her family moved out to the Rockaways, but she never gave up her job at Ascension. By this time she was an indispensable and valued salaried employee. Since 1977 and up until her semi-retirement last year, she traveled 5 days a week, 4 hours round trip, on the A train from Rockaway up to W. 108th Street and back. She has always been a dedicated, cheerful employee; rarely absent, always prompt and completely devoted to both her job and the many students she's watched pass through the doors for more than 30 years.
 Today her sons are grown and live in California. Bridie and her husband still reside in the Rockaways, and she continues to travel to Ascension three days a week.
She is a walking computer and knows every student by name. 

Bridie is one of a kind and both an asset and a treasure to Ascension School . . . 
just ask any student you see!

Trudy, could you give us an update on Bridie O’Byrne?

I remember she had an accident a while ago.



September 16, 2008

Hi Ed,

Bridie is doing great.  She's back to work at Ascension a few days a week. 


More importantly, she just became a grandmother for the first time! 

Her younger son, James, and his wife Shelly are the proud parents of Colin James O'Byrne, 9lbs 7oz, born 9/3/08 in California.

So she's thrilled and happy and looking forward to going to California for the Christening at the end of the month.


Thanks for asking!


Hope all is well  on your end too!


Take care,

Trudy Trotta