Dear Ed..

I found these photos from the Newspaper,.the New York Telegram 1946, taken at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

During those years, 2 students from all the Catholic NYC schools dressed in outfits representing different orders of Nuns, Brothers and Priests and processed down the aisle of St. Pat's.

I can't remember what special day it was but I imagine it had something to do with vocations.


Right up in front was Ann Carolan Alva, (now deceased) and myself, Bernadette Brawley we represented The Little Sisters of the Poor on 106th St. We were in the 4th grade at the time. I have no idea how or why we were chosen to represent them, but I do remember that at least I used to go as a kid to help the nuns out Either in the kitchen or dining room.


I thought you might want to use these photos in the alumni web site or newspaper..


God bless

Bernie Powers 51 .