Christmas pageant at Ascension.


I managed to quickly look through some picture albums and spotted these photos of a Christmas pageant at Ascension.  I don't know what year these photos were taken but my cousin, Richie Mercado, is in the pageant. Since my cousin and older brother, John Gutierrez, were ahead of me in grade, I believe these photos were taken in the early 1960's.


In the photo, Christmas 1, my cousin is on the left front row (as you're looking at the picture). All four children are kneeling, my cousin is second from the left.  His arms are folded with his hands inside the sleeves.  He's the only one wearing a head garment with a white sash around his waist. I think he played Joseph in the pageant.

I believe the tall Christian Brother is Brother John (I could be wrong) but I do remember the gentlemen in the tuxedo and I believe his name is Mr. Charles Romero the music director for the school.  I don't know the sister's name but she probably was the principal for the girls side.  Anyway, I'm sure one of the other alumni will know who they are exactly.

 Christmas 2. In the photo, it looks like this is the end of the pageant. There are three stars on the back drop and my cousin is directly below the middle star.
Again, I'm not sure when the photos were taken but it had to be between 1960-1963, because I graduated in 1964 and like I said both my cousin & brother were a couple of grades ahead of me.

Raymond Gutierrez 64