Hi Ed,

Thanks for adding me to the list so quickly. I'll have to dig into my
scrap books to see if I have any pictures to scan to send you. I've
cc'd Dennis Cleary, hi Dennis, to this email so that he'll get my

Home Address: 868 Moyer Road
Newport News, VA 23608

Home Email Address: raymond1113@cox.net
Work Email Address. raymond.gutierrez.ctr@jfcom.mil

I'm retired Air Force (25 years) working for Lockheed Martin as a
defense contractor with the Joint Forces Command, Norfolk Naval Station.
After my military retirement, I stayed in the Hampton Roads area or sometimes it's called the Tidewater area and I've been here going on 15 years. I've never been married but I had my mother as my military dependent for 20 of my 25 years of military service. I took her with me from New York City and we toured the world. She passed away and spent her first Christmas with our Lord, Jesus Christ, on December 17, 2002.
She got to see a lot of things that she only heard or read about as a young girl like East Berlin when Germany was still divided, the Folger Gap, Dahau prison. She even got up to see Hitler's Eagle's Nest in Bavaria. She was really interested in history and we had a great time.
Anyway sorry to babble on.

My younger brother was the one that told me about the website, but I have an older brother who also attended Ascension. Unfortunately, he's not computer savvy so he doesn't have an email address, but I'm gonna to talk to him and ask if he would like his name put on the list. If he says yes, I'll send you his name.

Also, you may want to check the HOME PAGE link at the bottom of the Email Addresses webpage because it's not working. At home and here at work when I click on the link it says the page cannot be found. The same thing happens on the ALUM ORBITS. The HOME PAGE link at the bottom of the MONEY STUFF page works. Just thought I'd let you know.

I attend mass at the Langley AFB chapel and sing on two choirs. Seeing the Irish hat on the home page reminded me that this Saturday the base chapel will celebrate a Celtic Mass followed by dinner, dancers, bag pipes and all the Irish trimmings. This event is a fundraiser for the teens attending summer outreach camps. Have a great St. Patrick's Day.

Well, if I can get my brain synapses firing, I may remember some
memories to forward and again I'll check on the pictures.

God bless,