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Class of ’41 Reunion

October 13, 2005


When we meet a friend that we have not seen in a long time we might say, "Let's get together and have lunch". We have heard that expression or used it many times. Alas, too often by the time the call is made we find that the friend had passed away.

With that in mind some members of the class of 1941 got together to have lunch and re-live old times.

There was John Driscoll, Tom Dwyer, Joe Hassett, John McGuire, Jim McNaney, Matt Scott and from the class of 1939 we had Tom Loughlin join us. Some had not seen one another in many a year so that there was a lot of reminiscing. There was talk about the fellows we went to school with, played ball with down in Riverside Drive, the track meets at Van Cortland, the stickball games in 107th St. to name a few of the actives we use to do. Names, dates, events were all being recalled.

There was one time on a hot summer day when a group of us were hanging around the corner of 107th St. when one of the older guys came along. He said " It's too hot to be hanging around so let's go to the movies". So up 107th St, we go to the Olympia and he treated us all to the show via the back stairs.

We looked after one another in those days.

By the time we were ready to leave the restaurant, the hours just flew by. The talk continued for another half-hour in the parking lot until finally we said our good-bys promising to do this again in the near future with maybe a few more members in attendance.

I am sending some pictures of the group.

First picture, left to right are Matty Scott, Tom Dwyer, Joe Hassett, Jim McNaney , John Driscoll and John McGuire.

In the other picture the no. 4 person is Tom Loughlin.


John McGuire ‘41






The class of 1954 had their 50th Anniversary Reunion

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The Class of 1944 had their 60th Anniversary Reunion

June 2004

Email from Eileen O’Grady ‘47


I am glad you received the pictures. 


We had Mass at 12 noon with Fr. Duffell welcoming the Class of '44 then we went over to the Rectory for a very nice lunch also wine & other beverages.  We met the new principal, Fr. Sean McCaughley from Ireland.  He was a joy to speak with (after all he is Irish). 

Then we went over to the school & had a lot of laughs about  Bro.  Victor & using the ruler by sticking out your hands.  Jimmy Gorman, one of the fellows in Joe's class was going to get it but when Brother Victor saw his hands he sent him to wash them first. 

Fr. Sean got a big kick out of that story.

Of course Johnny Luckie kept the party going with all kinds of stories of the old days. 

So we really enjoyed the day.