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Computer Tips


If you see a web page with long text

such as Obituaries


Try right clicking on the text then on the

drop down list click on the read aloud.

It saves you the lengthy reading.


Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you don't have it downloaded into your
computer you won't be able to see or
read the things on the website  that are
published in that format
Skip the offers!

It's free

The Num Lock Key in the number section of the

Key Board.

If you accidently hit It, the green light above it will go out and you canít type the numbers.

Just hit it again, the light goes on and you can type the numbers.

Increase your screen
size by holding down
the CTRL key and click
the Plus Key +
or decrease  on the
Minus  Key  -

When you are on any
page click on EDIT in
the MENU then click on
FIND and search for the
name or word you are
looking for by clicking

On a  page you can
scroll up or down by
holding the
mouse wheel down