We all met at an establishment called Harry's on 71st and Columbus Avenue on Friday 13, 2005.


Some of us had seen each other at the formal Ascension reunion back in October 2003 but there were a few who could not make it for various reasons.


Betsy Rodriguez Hope and Michael Ann Kelly were two young ladies who were present whom I had not seen since graduation day in June 1970. Both of them looked great. Everyone shared their own personal stories and the night truly whizzed by.


We left that establishment and ended up a good 'old fashioned Irish bar on 72nd street off Columbus until about midnight.

We hugged, kissed and shared with each other some our ups, downs and whatever happened to ...?


We all left feeling absolutely great in the knowledge that we all ended up being pretty good, hardworking, God fearing, industrious individuals. Our time at Ascension added structure to all our collective lives. We met and schooled with a cross cultural potpourri of different people and 35 years later we still see each other as the class that we were.


Others who were in attendance were Zoe Lence Calix, Susan Bailey, Consuelo Newland, Ella Padilla, Michael Hoare, Brian Sullivan, Caroline Santana, Tania Antero, Sandra Munoz and Louis Terrero. Also present was former Ascension parish priest, Father Welby who has been private citizen Mr. Welby for over 25 years.


Everyone looked exactly as I remembered them back in the day. Ok some of us are chunkier, and balder but hey they are all my family.


I'm looking so much to seeing everyone again in October of this year. Hopefully this time our 1970 table will be two or possible three tables full of our alumni.

Regarding you older grads, it was quite interesting for me to talk to the older alumni regarding how the neighborhood was in the 1940's and 50's. I spoke to a gentleman who told me that one of the NY Yankees owned a bar on 106th street and Central Park West and always used to meet the Yankees of that era after their respective games. They'd come and frequent the bar and sign all kinds of stuff for the kids of the neighborhood. That was a treat to hear. Obviously the neighborhood's complexion has changed much since those days. And there was even a time were it got downright rowdy but it never, never became a slum or a ghetto. There were too many hardworking people of all ethnic persuasions with Ascension as their backbone who did not let it happen. I look forward to hearing more stories from the older grads.

Warmest regards,
Sixto Ventura

PS attached are few pics from our get together. I was the photographer and never gave the camera to anyone to include me in any pic.



Ascension left us with many things, a mind to think with, a heart pure with
religious belief, the ability to believe in ourselves and an extended family
that all others would envy!

My classmates and I met for a long conversation, dinner, drinks and lots of
fun.  With the recent passing of my mother each of my classmates shared their
grief with me and spoke of my mom as they remembered her...something so very
much appreciated.

This will not be the last time we as the class of 1970 will meet...we have
hopes of having 25 to 30 of our Ascension family join in the festivities in
October...what a party that will be!

Zoe Lence Calix